Not broke; just bent
Caitlin//sober living//Battle Creek

I love sitting in this lobby and seeing my art displayed. Can’t wait to frame the last few pieces I did and hang them along with my mosaics.


I loved you for the cold wind that sang inside of you. It was something otherworldly, being inside of that tornado but never quite being touched by the fury. I was your One Thing, I was your holy and your special and the flower you left untouched in the meadow. You were soft around me, you were suddenly shy, you were quiet rain - and I loved that. I loved being your heart.

I should have never trusted myself to the storm. I should have known. I should have gone home.

He’s ignoring me and I feel like it’s all my fault.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
"Remove the grenade pin from your teeth. Wash your hands of the gunpowder. Come home, baby. It’s over.”
— Kayla Hollatz, an excerpt from War Games. (via thetalltwig)